MCG-Rad: Monte-Carlo Global Radiative Forcings Computation

Date: 1 October 2018 – 31 September 2023

The present project makes use of recent Monte Carlo advances to design a numerical tool addressing a quite extreme climate-science calculation: evaluating the radiative forcing of an ensemble of greenhouse gases, at the global scale, integrated over climatic durations, using a reference radiative transfer model with high-resolution spectral data and 4D atmospheric fields (space an time). Starting from the null-collision concept, the feasibility was recently established and the present challenge consists in defining an efficient strategy for sampling the space of molecular transitions combined with all the geometrical and temporal complexity of atmospheric variables. For this purpose, we gather climatologists, spectroscopists, specialists in the statistical-engineering of complex systems and specialists in geometry-modelling for computer graphics applications.

Project by ANR. Project number : ANR-18-CE46-0012

Keywords: reference radiative code, Monte-Carlo, radiative forcing, greenhouse gases

Coordination and contact : Jean-Louis Dufresne ; jean-louis.dufresne at lmd.ipsl.fr